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Ex 6.3, 6 Find the maximum profit that a company can make, if the profit function is given by š‘(š‘„) = 41 ā€“ 72š‘„ ā€“ 18š‘„2The profit function is given by p(x) = 41 āˆ’ 72x āˆ’ 18x2 pā€™(x) = āˆ’72 āˆ’ 36 x Putting pā€˜ (x) = 0 āˆ’72 āˆ’ 36x = 0 āˆ’36x = 72 š‘„ =(āˆ’72)/36= āˆ’2 Now, Pā€(x) = āˆ’36 Since Pā€ (x) < 0 š‘„=āˆ’2 is the maxima āˆ“ Maximum profit = p(āˆ’2) p(x) = 41 āˆ’ 72x āˆ’ 18x2 š‘(āˆ’2)=41āˆ’72 (āˆ’2)āˆ’18 (āˆ’2)^2 =41+144āˆ’18 (4) =41+144āˆ’72 =113 Hence, the maximum profit is 113 unit.

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