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Class 7 - Science

Get NCERT Solutions, Notes, MCQ and Additional Questions for all chapters of Class 7 Science. First, Teachoo taught Maths for Class 7, now we are teaching Science for you... with other subjects coming soon!

At Teachoo, we not just provide Content... we teach you Concepts better than anyone else, and then we solve questions - step-by-step with detailed explanations. Not just the NCERT Questions, but Teachoo questions as well - which are our special questions of each chapter which we have found for you.


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Now, let's look at the chapter we will cover for Science Class 7

  1. Chapter 1 Class 7 Nutrition in Plants - We learn how plants obtain their nutrition, and different modes of nutrition in plants. We also talk about a different type of plant called Saprophytes
  2. Chapter 2 Class 7 Nutrition in Animals - After Plant Nutrition, we learn about how Animals consume nutrients and different steps of nutrition
  3. Chapter 3 Class 7 Fibre to Fabric - In Class 6, we learned about Plant Fibers. In this class, we learn about Animal Fibers, specially silk
  4. Chapter 4 Class 7 Heat - We learn what is temperature, how do we measure it, and how does Heat transfer
  5. Chapter 5 Class 7 Acid, Bases and Salts - We learn basic examples of Acids, Bases and Salt, and learn about Litmus tests and neutralisation
  6. Chapter 6 Class 7 Physical and Chemical Changes - We understand through examples what are physical and chemical changes
  7. Chapter 7 Class 7 Weather, Climate and Adaptations to Climate - As the name suggests, we learn all three topics - Weather, Climate and how we adapt to climate. We also understand how these 3 topics are related
  8. Chapter 8 Class 7 Wind, Storms and Cyclones - We learn how air pressure is related to wind and how thunderstorms and cyclones are formed.
  9. Chapter 9 Class 7 Soil - We learn different layers of soil and different properties of soil as well
  10. Chapter 10 Class 7 Respiration in Organisms - Different types of respirations are discussed, and breathing in humans will be learned in detail
  11. Chapter 11 Class 7 Transportation in Animals and Plants - Circulatory and Excretory system is taught in this chapter
  12. Chapter 12 Class 7 Reproduction in Plants - Different modes of reproduction are taught with each system explained in detail
  13. Chapter 13 Class 7 Motion and Time - We learn about Speed and time, and how time is measured
  14. Chapter 14 Class 7 Electric Current and it's effects - We delve into details about Electric circuit components and their symbols. We also discussed Electric Bell and it's functioning
  15. Chapter 15 Class 7 Light - We learn about how light travels in a straight line and reflection of light.
  16. Chapter 16 Class 7 Water: A Precious resource - In this chapter, we talk about GroundWater and Water Table.
  17. Chapter 17 Class 7 Forests: Our Lifeline - This is just a general introduction on what happens inside a forest and different processes in forests 
  18. Chapter 18 Class 7 Wastewater Story - We learn how to clean waste water, sweage and how to treat polluted water.


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