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Chapter 6 Class 7 - Physical and Chemical Changes

In Chapter 6 for class 7, Physical and Chemical Changes, you are going to learn about the changes that happen in our surroundings every day. You will do that with the help of basic concepts, NCERT questions and extra worksheet questions prepared by the experts at Teachoo.

The changes that occur in our surroundings are bifurcated into 2 categories on the basis of the structure which is changed. These categories are -

  • Physical Changes - Change in physical properties
  • Chemical Changes - Change in chemical properties


The changes in which no new substance is formed are known as physical changes.

For Example - Tearing a paper in half


The changes in which a new substance is formed are known as chemical changes.

For Example - Rusting of Iron


Lastly, you will learn about the phenomena of Crystallisation and Galvanisation.


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