Accounts, Tax, GST Training & E-Filing Course

by CA Maninder Singh (15+ years experience)

Attend our Accounts Tax GST E-Filing Course to get practical knowledge of various taxes like GST, TDS, Income Tax, Payroll, Balance Sheet Finalization, Tally and Advanced Excel.

It is a unique course where we do not teach you on board or projector. Here, we give practical assignments , data and software and make you do all accounts taxation work on computer

Here, we provide you individual attention and give you sufficient practice in passing entries in tally, make computations in excel, fill challans and returns.

For GST Course, we will also provide you GST Demo Website where you can file and practice various returns just like government portal

This will help you get good technical knowledge of various taxes and you will do well in Interviews and get good job offers. We will also help you if you have some doubt while doing real company work and we will guide you.

You will also receive a Certificate of Professional Training after the completion of course.

Attend our face to face classes at
Delhi - Karol Bagh, New Delhi. For more details, contact us at 9205065874
Kerala - Calicut and Malappuram

You can also do Online live Classes in evening and Study from Home

Topics Covered


This course will be taught in GST Demo Website/Real Government Website - GST Demo Portal

Here we will give you different data and help you practically file different challan and returns namely -

  • E-Filing GSTR3B Return - Monthly Return of Regular Taxpayers
  • E-Filing GSTR1 Return - Monthly/Quarterly Return of Regular Taxpayers through Offline Utility & Tally
  • GSTR 4 - Annual return to be filed by Composition Dealers
  • GST CMP-01 Return - Quarterly return for Composition Dealers
  • GSTR 9 - Annual Return to be filed by All Dealers
  • GST Challan E-payment Procedure
  • E-way bill Generation from Tally
  • Interest and Late Fees Calculation and Deposit at GST Portal
  • Electronic Cash and Credit Ledger Online Checking and Computation
  • Accounting in Tally Prime of GST Transactions from Real Bills
  • Clearing Mismatch Reports in Tally for GSTR3B/GSTR1
  • Making GST Reconciliation Matching GSTR2A, 3B and Tally Data and Adjustment of Differences
  • GST Amendment - Adjustment of Mistakes in GST Return 3B and GST
  • GST Portal Features - How to register, How to download Registration Certificate, How to make changes in return, Where to download various returns, How to check return filing status, How to check whether Quarterly/ Monthly Scheme to be opted, How to check, register and use Digital Signature (DSC) etc.

We will also be providing you practical assignments incorporating

  • Basic Concepts of GST and its Applicability
  • Accounting in Tally GST of different Sales and Purchase Transactions
  • Making GST Tax Computations in Excel after adjustment of CGST, SGST, IGST Credit
  • Understanding GST Input Tax Credit Implications
  • Concept of Job worker in GST
  • Concept of Input Service Distributor in GST
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism Section 9(3) and Section 9(4) both
  • Billing and Invoicing in GST-Tax Invoice/Bill of Supply/Revised Invoice
  • TDS and TCS Implications in GST
  • Comparison between Normal and Composition Scheme in GST
  • Time of Supply and Place of Supply in GST
  • Calculation of Late Fees and Interest in Various Scenarios
  • Latest amendments and Interview Questions of GST

TDS Non-Salary & TCS

Practical Assignments in

  • Accounting for TDS Receivable and Payable in Tally Prime
  • TDS Rates - Deducting TDS as per different Rates of Income Tax
  • Filing TDS Return Form 26Q
  • Checking of Form 26AS to check TDS Deducted
  • Procedure of Form 15CB and 15CA and Form 27Q
  • Issue of TDS Certificates
  • Concept of 15G and 15H Form
  • Certificate of Lower Deduction
  • Issue of TAN No
  • TDS Late payment Interest and Penalty Calculation
  • Form 26QB-TDS on Sale of Property
  • Form 26QC-TDS on Personal Rent
  • Form 27EQ –TCS Return for Tax Collected at Source
  • Calculation of Late Fees and Interest Liability
  • Checking Various TRACES Features like checking Interest-Penalty, Revision of TDS Returns Online And Offline
  • Latest amendments and Interview Questions of TDS

Income Tax

  • E-Filing ITR For Salaried Business from Real Form 16
  • Advance Tax and Self Assessment Tax Computation and Deposit
  • E-Filing ITR For Small Proprietorship through Software/Excel Utility
  • Deduction for Partnership Salary/interest and E-Filing ITR For Partnership Business
  • Deductions under Chapter VIA -Treatment of Various Savings
  • Practical implications of Important Points of Different Incomes like Capital Gain (ITR2),2 House Property (ITR2),Single Rented or Self Occupied Property(ITR1),Sale of Shares and property
  • Understanding Different points of Expense Disallowed
  • Current Tax and Deferred Tax Computation for Companies
  • Challan 280 Online and Offline Procedure
  • ITR for Audit Case –Optional (ITR3 for Proprietorship,ITR5 for Partnership,ITR6 For Company,ITR 7 for NGO)

Payroll Processing

Practical Assignments in

  • Deduction of TDS on Different Allowances and perquisites Salary components
  • Deductions under Chapter VIA -Treatment of Various Savings of Employees
  • Making Salary Structure for Employees-For Lowest Tax Liability
  • Preparation of PF Computation and Online deposit of PF ECR
  • Computation and Online deposit of ESI
  • Making Salary Sheet and Disbursement of Salary
  • Important forms/records to be maintained for handling Payroll
  • Understanding Treatment of PF/TDS/ESI in case of Leave /New Joining
  • Using Relevant Advanced Excel formulas for Payroll Processing
  • Latest amendments and Interview Questions of payroll(TDS Salary/PF/ESI)
  • Download of TDS Certificate Form (Form 16-Part A and B) for Employees
  • E-filing of Form 24Q Return (Including Annexure II) for Quarter 4
  • Calculation of Late Fees and Interest Liability
  • Checking Various TRACES Features like checking Interest-Penalty, Revision of TDS Returns Online And Offline

Accounting & Balance Sheet Finalization

Practical Assignments incorporating

  • Passing Routine and Book Closure Entries in Tally Prime, clearing of suspense and Finalizing Data with GST TDS Returns
  • Provisioning for Different Expenses and Payables
  • Preparing Depreciation Chart as Per Companies Act and Income Tax Act
  • Current and Deferred Tax Computation and its Provisioning
  • Preparation of Bank Reconciliation Statement (BRS) in Tally Prime
  • Ledger Scrutiny, Correction and Exporting Data in Excel
  • Preparation of P&L A/C and Balance Sheet as per schedule III with notes to accounts
  • Checking and Verification of Data as per Revised Schedule III

Tally Prime/Busy

Practical Assignments in

  • Accounting in Tally Prime with Different Taxes like GST and TDS
  • Passing of Entries from Real Purchase Sales Bills and Bank Statements
  • Billing and Invoicing from Tally-Generating Tax invoce and Bill of Supply
  • Learning GST Settings in Tally and Clearing GST Mismatch Reports
  • Bank Reconciliation in Tally and Debtor Aging in Tally
  • Cost Center Reporting in Tally for Segment /Product Reporting
  • Inventory Features in Tally And Godown Maintenance
  • Using Tally Shortcuts, Understanding different Ledger Groups & Voucher Types
  • Exporting and Importing Data from Tally to Excel

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Fees for Regular Batch

Rs 5000 per month

Classes held 3 times a week

Average time for GST is 1.5 month and for whole course is 4 months

Fees for Sunday Batch

Rs 2000 per month

Average time for GST is 3 months and for whole course is 9-10 months

How to do the course faster?

  • Attend double Batches and do in half time
  • Do different topics in different batch
  • Note - Double fees will be applicable but duration will reduce
  • You can also attend both Regular and Sunday batch @ Rs 6000 Per month

Who will train?

CA Maninder Singh's photo - Expert in Practical Accounts and Taxation
CA Maninder Singh
CA Maninder Singh is a Chartered Accountant in practice for the past 12 years. He provides courses for Practical Accounts, Taxation and E-Filing. He has provided the content for all the assignments and GST Demo.



Basic knowledge of Tax.

Yes Yes

Can Ask Doubts

Yes Yes

Assignments for Computation,Challan,Return filing

No Yes

Online Procedure

No Yes

Can send Assignments for Checking

No Yes

Help in Practical Company Work

No Yes

Help in Resume Development

No Yes

Certificate in Professional Accounts and Taxation

No Yes

How does it work?

  • We Provide you Assignments for Tax Filing,Accounting,Challan and Return
  • We also provide you videos and Tax Softwares /Utilities which help you do assignments
  • We check your assignments and point out your mistakes
  • We help in developing your resume
  • We give you Training Certificate in Professional Accounts and Taxation
  • We also help you if you face any problem in any work in your Job

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Not From Delhi or Kerela, Attend Online Course

Unlike other institutes who provide you only with theoretical video classes, we help you with practical data, assignments and videos where you have to do the work and we will help you out

Procedure for Online Classes

  • Procedure from Online Classes
  • Normally in online classes, teacher gives lecture and students listen
  • Here, it is completely opposite.
  • We make students do different practical work and teacher guides them how to do it,
  • Individual attention is given to each student as each student as everyone has different speed and knowledge

Fees for Online Course

Rs 5000 per month (3 days a week class)

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