Learn Excel - Basic to Advanced - Join Evening Live Classes

by CA Maninder Singh

The only way to learn excel is by Practice Practice and more Practice

To solve this purpose,we have launched Live Exce CLases for Excels where you will be doing different assignments in excel with us and learn new skill every day

This will not be a theoretical class

It will be a practical workshop where we will be sharing different excel data of Companies and make you do different work along with us

If you are stuck, you can ask us out live

Recorded video access will also be provided for your convenience which you can access anytime.

Classes wil be undertaken in Evening after office timings

50% discount in Course Fees. Fees for Course is now at Rs 5000 Rs 2499 and duration is 1 to 2 months depending upon speed

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Live Class
Doubt Clearence
Training Certificate

What will the Excel Basics to Advanced Course include?

  • Practical Assignments and Data incorporating Different formulas
  • Practice on your own computer with the class
  • Live Classes in Evening and Doubt Clearance
  • Recorded Video Access for 60 Days
  • Training certificate at the end of the course
  • Free E-book of Excel Shortcuts included in the course
  • Excel Interview Questions Asked in Different Companies

Who is this Excel Course for?

Finance Professionals
HR Professionals
Social Media Marketers
Anyone interested in polishing their Excel skills

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What will you learn?

Basic Excel
  • How to Create, Save, Duplicate new Excel Sheets and Workbooks
  • How to use Simple Excel Formulas
  • Using Drag and Drop in Excel to save time
  • How to Create Folders and Download Excel files zip and mail them
  • How to Download and Save Excel files into Folders
Excel Shortcuts
  • Using Flash Fill to combine, segregate and customize data
  • Data Entry Shortcuts - to use Paste Special, to transpose data from rows to columns and vice versa
  • Inserting and Deleting Shortcuts to select Rows, Columns, Tables and Sheets
  • Selection Shortcuts to use Excel without using the mouse
  • Calculation Shortcuts to fasten calculation in Excel
Excel Formatting
  • Basic Formatting in Excel for Proper Presentation
  • Formatting as a table
  • Autofit Rows and Columns
  • Wrap Text and Freeze Panes
  • Inserting and Removing Blank Rows
  • Proper, Lower and Upper Command to make data look pretty
  • Making Proper Print Layout for Printing Data from Excel
Lookup Functions

We will learn how to use functions like Vlookup, Hlookup, Xlookup, Index and Match

These commands are required for

  • Comparing Data in Excel
  • Compiling Data in Excel
  • Fetching data in Excel from Database

We will learn different cases like Exact Mach, Apprximate Match, Match by using Wild Card Characters

Conditional Formulas

In this case,we will learn how to get value from a data in case of different conditions

We will cover formulas like

  • If Command → To Calculate Value in case of 1 Condition
  • Nested If → To Calculate Values in case of Multiple conditions
  • Countif Countifs → Counting in case of conditions
  • Sumif and Sumifs → Calculating Totals in case of conditions
  • Use of Filters and Subtotal → Alternative of Countif and Countifs
  • And Condition → When both conditions will be true
  • Or Condition → When one of two conditions will be true
Data Validation

Here, we will learn how to make form in excel where certain values will be selected.

On data entry,it will show input message

If some wrong value entered,it will show error message


  • Restricting Text length
  • Only Values between 1 to 50
  • Allow only Dates in a cell
  • Allow decimals upto 2 places
  • Select from a dropdown list
Pivot Tables and charts

Here, we will learn how to use Pivot table features in excel to to calculate, summarize and analyse data in following situations

  • Changing Rows into Columns and Vice Versa
  • Have a summary of a value appearing repeatedly
  • Comparing 2 Data having multiple repeated values
  • Making Graphical Presentation of Data using Pivot charts
  • Expanding and Collapsing levels of Data
  • Preparing Concise Reports as required by management
Reverse Calculation in Excel

Sometimes ,we are have to do back calculation

like we used to calculate value of x in School

Here, we use Advanced Excel Tools like

  • Goal Seek
  • Scenario Manager
  • Data Tables
Macros and VBA

Sometimes,we have to do repeated tsks and doing them again and again becomes boring and time consuming

So we can take help of >Macros and VBA to automate/repeat a task

We will learn

  • SHow to Record/Create/View a Macro
  • How to Create simple Shortcuts/Buttons to automate a task
  • How to Make User Forms to Fill Database Automatically
  • Practical Examples of How to Use Macros in Real life Situations
  • How to Work in Visual Basic Editor
  • Understand Difference between macros and VBA

We will be sharing assignments on

  • Real life Excel Usage in different situations
  • Applying Multiple Excel Formulas in one sheet
  • Mixed Assignments where you have to think which formula to apply where
  • Interview Sheets and Excel Test as asked in Various Job interviews
  • Changing Rows into Columns and Vice Versa

Also if you are stuck in any real excel work of your company and need support and guidance, you can mail data with us

Our trainers will help you apply different formulas to make work easier

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Get a Verifiable Certificate

After completing this class, you receive a Certificate of Completion. It is signed personally by your mentor – CA Maninder Singh. The certificate will be helpful to -

  • Upskill yourself
  • Share Certificate with on your LinkedIn Profile
  • Add more skills on your resume
  • Certificate can be verified by your future employers
Certificate after doing the Excel Course on Teachoo

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Meet your Mentor

CA Maninder Singh photo - Cofounder of Teachoo
CA Maninder Singh

Hey Guys, I am Maninder! I am a Chartered Account since the past 12 years, the co-founder of Teachoo and have been a teacher 20+ years. In the process of amassing the experience, I've noticed that there are some Excel shortcuts which are not well known but they save a ton of time. Thus, the Excel Shortcuts Masterclass, where you will learn more than 100+ shortcuts, and save atleast 50% of your time using Excel.

  • Chartered Accountant since the past 12 years
  • Taught over 1,000+ students
  • Co-founder of Teachoo

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Frequently Asked Questions

Both Options are available

You can do assignments with teacher in the class

You can also do it by seeing videos and ask your doubts in class

Duration is 1 to 2 month depending upon speed of student
If you have good speed and do work seeing videos,you can complete work faster
If you are new in Excel,you may require more time
Maximum time we allow is 2 months to complete course

Yes,demo class is provided everyday in evening at 8:30 pm
You can also attend class on Sunday at 4 pm

Normally in online class, only teacher does and student watches
Here we share different assignments and data and make you do work along with us

Yes. Class will start from Basic Excel and gradually we will increase level

There are thousands of Excel formulas and it takes time to learn them
We will teach what is practically useful and which we use to do our work faster

Just share your screen during the class
We will help you out live

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion from CA Maninder Singh on successful completion of Course.

50% Introductory Discount. Join NOW!