Certificate Course in Excel (Basic to Advanced) - Online Live Classes

Never have a problem with excel anymore!

With our live classes, learn excel so that you never have a problem with it

For Advanced users, you will be learning the formulas for data with more than 1000+ rows

You will also get Certificate at the end of training which you can put in your resume

Course Details

Excel - Basic to Advanced

Practical Assignments in Application of Advanced Excel formulas in different situations

  • Module 1: Basic Excel and shortcuts
  • Module 2: If Command and Nested if Command
  • Module 3: Count if, Sum if and Filters etc
  • Module 4: Formatting cells
  • Module 5: Conditional Formatting
  • Module 6: V-lookup, H-lookup and X-lookup
  • Module 7: Index and Match
  • Module 8: Pivot tables, Goal Seek
  • Module 9: Simple Macros
  • Module 10 (Advanced): Assignments involving every formula learned

Course Duration

1 Month - 5 classes a week (Mon to Fri)


Rs 1999 for 1 Month course

How does it work?

  • We teach you the basic concept
  • Then, we give you an easy assignment
  • We will help you how to solve the assignment and show it by doing
  • Once, easy assignments is done - we provide you an hard assignment to do
  • At the end of the course, Teachoo will give you Training Certificate for Excel

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