Tally for GST Practical Training with notes and videos. Practice how to put ledgers, learn in which head the ledger will come, important tally features, reports and errors in Tally.


To practice GST Return Filing with Tally, take our Tally course.


The topics in our Tally tutorial include

  • Basics - What is Tally, How to install Tally for GST, Creating Company in Tally ERP9
  • Ledgers - Creating Ledgers, Heads in which Ledger comes, Seeing Ledgers created, Alter or Changing Ledgers, Putting Opening Balances in Tally
  •  Passing Entries in Tally - Type of Accounting Vouchers in Tally ERP9, Seeing Entries Passed, Passing Duplicate Entries, Deleting Entries, Passing Receipt, Payment, Contra Entries, Passing Purchase Entries, Sales Entries, Mixed Entries
  • Important Tally Features - Tally Shortcuts, Copying Narration in Tally, Copying Tally GST Data in Pendrive, How to Paste or load Tally Data, Mailing Tally Data, Exporting Tally Data in Excel or PDF, Seeing Party or Ledger Balance, Printing Voucher in Tally, Checking Daily Breakup of Transactions in Tally, Deleting Company from Tally
  • Important Tally Reports -  Debtor Aging Report, Cost Center Reporting/Segment Reporting, BRS (Bank Reconciliation in Tally)
  • Common Errors in Tally - Duplicate Ledger, Period not accepting while passing entries in Tally, Difference in opening balances

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