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Science Class 6

Are you in Class 6? Well, you're in the right place! After Maths Class 6, Teachoo has made Science content for you!

In this class, we teach you the chapter concepts, solve the NCERT Questions, and then do some special Teachoo Questions - which are questions specially made for you to understand the concepts better. 


Now, let's look at the chapters we will study in Class 6,

  1. Chapter 1 Class 6 Food where does it come from - We talk about Food variety, Sources of Food and more
  2. Chapter 2 Class 6 Components of Food - We learn about Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats, and some tests for it
  3. Chapter 3 Class 6 Fibre to Fabric - This is one of 3 chapters which we will study in Class 6, 7, 8. We learn the basic terms like Fiber, Fabric, Yarn and talk about some Plant Fibers

  4. Chapter 4 Class 6 Sorting Materials into Groups - This is one of the more interesting chapters. We talk about the different type of materials and why we sort them into groups

  5. Chapter 5 Class 6 Separation of Substances - In this chapter, we talk about Solid in Solid and Solid in Liquid Mixtures and the methods of separating them

  6. Chapter 6 Class 6 Changes around us - Reversible and Irreversible changes are discussed with examples
  7. Chapter 7 Class 6 Getting to know Plants - We talk about different types of Plants, and various parts of plants and their structures
  8. Chapter 8 Class 6 Body Movements - Different body movements are being discussed and the different body parts we use to move. Examples of different animals are discussed, with primary discussion for humans
  9. Chapter 9 Class 6 The living organisms - Characteristics and Habitats - We talk about different living organisms and where they live.

  10. Chapter 10 Class 6 Motion and Measurement of Distances - We talk a bit about History of transport and measurements. Standard units of measurement and how to measure curved objects

  11. Chapter 11 Class 6 Light, Shadows and Reflections - We learn about different type of objects and how light passes through them

  12. Chapter 12 Class 6 Electricity and Circuits - We talk about Electric Cell, what electric circuits are and different components of electric circuits.
  13. Chapter 13 Class 6 Fun with Magnets - We talk about Magnets, how they were discovered, different types of magnetic materials and how magnets are used to find directions.
  14. Chapter 14 Class 6 Water - We talk about sources of water and water cycle. 
  15. Chapter 15 Class 6 Air around us -We learn what the air is made up of, and more importantly Oxygen

  16. Chapter 16 Class 6 Garbage in, Garbage out - We learn what we should do about Garbage and vermicomposting and recycling


And, all this is made by Teachoo - your go to resource to learn anything. Just click on the chapter you want to study and get started.

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