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Chapter 13 Class 6 - Fun with Magnets

In Chapter 13 of Class 6, as the name suggests (Fun with Magnets), you will be learning about magnets and their basic properties in the form of concepts, NCERT questions and extra Teachoo questions prepared by experts. These altogether will help you understand the chapter with ease.

Firstly, you will understand what magnets are and what they are made up of. Along with this, you will look at a brief history about how these magnets were discovered. You will learn that all magnets contain a basic component known as magnite.

Secondly, you will perform some practicals to understand what materials are magnetic and what are non - magnetic. This will help you understand the basic property of magnets i.e. they attract each other.

Furthermore, you will look at the poles of a magnet and what they are used for. Magnets are most commonly used in compasses to find directions.

Atlast, you will be able to make your own magnet by keeping in mind certain precautions.


NCERT Questions

Teachoo Questions