To be the go to place to learn or teach anything

It started in a class of 500 students, an auditorium full of people, profusely writing what the professor is speaking. At that moment, Maninder, our founder figured out that this is not the way to teach.

That led Maninder Singh, even after being a Chartered Accountant to become a teacher. He convinced his brother to join him in doing teachoo (pronounced as tee-chu), where they would teach, actually teach until the person doesn't understand.

Teachoo's main objective is to be the site to learn anything or teach anything. We want to be platform where anyone can learn anything in easy manner - from basics to advanced.

To reach that goal, we are making content ourselves and giving an option at teach at teachoo. As of now, we have made content for Mathematics (Grades 9 to 12 and College), Accounting and Finance, as well as Taxation based in India.

Inorder to reach out to us, you can contact us. If you have a content related query, please ask us here.