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Chapter 12 Class 6 - Electricity and Circuits

The chapter Electricity and Circuits is one of the most important and useful chapters from the perspective of Science as an overall subject. You will learn about this with the help of basic concepts, NCERT questions and extra worksheet questions prepared by the experts at Teachoo.

First and foremost, you will understand the structure of a battery or an electric cell. This cell contains two terminals which are the positive and the negative, both of which together act as a power source for objects like torches, remote controls etc.

You will then perform an experiment in which you will connect an electric cell to a light bulb with the help of wires and check in which arrangement does the bulb glow.

Lastly, you will understand the working of an electric circuit and its types with the help of diagrams. The electric circuits are of various types such as -

  • Open Circuit
  • Closed Circuit

You will also learn about the concepts of conductors of current and its insulators.


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