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Chapter 4 Class 6 - Sorting Materials into Groups

This is the Chapter 4 Class 6 Science of the NCERT Book - Sorting Materials into Groups. 

In this chapter, Sorting materials into groups, you will learn about all the materials from which the objects around us are made up of and you will do that with the help of basic concepts, NCERT questions and extra worksheet questions prepared by the experts at Teachoo.

Firstly, you will identify some of the basic materials that are available in all common households such as wood, plastic, glass etc and will find the number of products that are made up of these materials.

Finally, after identifying these materials, the next concept is about the properties of these materials and how these materials are sorted among various categories such as -

  • Appearance - talks about how a material looks
  • Hardness - talks about whether a material is hard or soft to touch
  • Water solubility - talks about whether a material floats or sinks in water 
  • Transparency - talks about the light reflecting property of a material

We at Teachoo have provided you

  1. Concepts of all the chapter, in a step wise, sequential manner
  2. Solutions to all the NCERT questions of this Class 6 chapter
  3. And, some additional 1 Mark, MCQ and other extra questions which were not covered in the Concepts and NCERT questions


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