Class 6
Chapter 4 Class 6 - Sorting Materials into Groups
  • Anything which can be seen or touched is known as an object.
  • The substance or matter used to make an object is known as a material .


Objects around us 

We are surrounded by a large variety of objects around us. 

For example - fridge, door, lamp, glass windows, furniture, telephone etc.


All of these objects are made up of different materials.

One object may be made up of one or more materials. Some of the examples are given below:


Material they are made of 


Steel plate

Glass plate

Plastic plate

Steel, Glass, Plastic


Plastic, metal


One material can be used to make a variety of objects .

For example:- 

  1. Steel - We can make Utensils, Furniture, vehicles and many more things out of it
  2. Wood - Furniture,Paintings,Bullock cart and many more

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