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Chapter 14 Class 6 - Water

Water is a natural resource without which neither can we can imagine our life nor it is possible and not just for humans, this holds true for each and every organism living on the planet Earth. So, this chapter will teach you why water is of so much importance for our sustenance with the help of various concepts, NCERT questions and extra Teachoo questions.

You will start by noting down all the daily activities in which you use water for and in what quantity you use water on a daily basis. Looking at the individual statistics, you will understand the huge quantity of water that is used in totality by all the people together.

Then we will look at the sources from which we get water. The most common sources of water are -

  • Oceans
  • Rivers
  • Glaciers

The water we get from these resources is not usually fit for immediate consumption. So, to make it fit for consumption, we have to filter out all the impurities by using various filtration techniques. 

After this, you will learn about the concept of the water cycle. Water Cycle is the movement of water across the environment in various states which are -

  • Solid
  • Liquid
  • Gas

Also, you will learn about various new concepts and questions such as -

  • How are clouds formed?
  • Why does rain occur?
  • What if it rains heavily?
  • What if it does not rain?

And at last, you will learn about various techniques in which you can save water.


NCERT Questions

Teachoo Questions