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Water is a natural resource which is important for both plants and animals .

It is one of the most common and useful substances around us.


Some important uses of water are as follows:

  1. Water is used in homes for drinking, washing utensils,cleaning floors, brushing,bathing, watering plants. Water is also used by animals for drinking.
  2. We need water for our day to day daily needs . Consumption of water by a person depends on his living standards.
  3. Water is used in agriculture for growing food and dispersal of seed.
  4. Water is needed to grow all kinds of plants , fibres such as cotton and jute require a lot of water to grow.
  5. Water is used in industries for producing almost all things like cloth, medicine, breads, biscuits.
  6. Water is used in radiators of vehicles to keep things cool.
  7. Water is used for transporting good and passengers from one place to another by boats, motor boats and ships.
  8. Water is used to generate electricity. At a power plant, water stored in a dam falls gradually from a height, this fast moving water turns the turbines and generates electricity.

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