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Chapter 11 Class 6 - Light, Shadows and Reflections

In chapter 11, Light, Shadows and Reflections you are going to learn about the concept of light and its properties. At Teachoo, you will find NCERT questions, basic concepts and worksheet questions that we call ‘Teachoo Questions’ and these together will help you to learn the chapter in the best possible manner.

Firstly you will look at various objects that emit light such as the sun, a torch, a tube light etc.

These objects that emit light or are a source of light are called luminous objects.

Objects are further categorised into 3 types on the basis of how much light they let pass through them. These categories are -

  • Transparent -  like clear Plastic bags, polythene etc
  • Translucent - like colored plastic bottles, glycerin soaps etc
  • Opaque - like Rock, steel pipes etc

After this you are going to learn about shadows and reflections.

Shadows are formed on solid surfaces which are opaque (no light passes through them) whereas Reflections are formed on mirrors. These reflections are always laterally inverted (right appears left and vice versa).

At last, you are going to learn about the structure of a pinhole camera and its working.


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