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Class 6
Chapter 11 Class 6 - Light, Shadows and Reflections


Why is the pinhole of a pinhole camera kept small?



The smaller the pinhole , the smaller and sharper the point of light that the flashlight creates .



Why should we never look directly at the sun?



T he sun radiates ultraviolet radiations that could be extremely harmful for our eyes . This is why we should never see the sun with naked eye.



The most important source of light for earth is ______



The Sun is the major source of light for the earth.



State whether true or false: A pinhole camera uses Lens to form a real and inverted image



Pinhole cameras use a very small hole instead of a lens.

So, the statement is False.



Name the device which can be used to see things on the other side of a high wall



A periscope can be used to see things on the other side of a high wall.



What is the color of the shadow formed?



Irrespective of the colour of the object, the shadow formed is always black.

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