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Chapter 7 Class 6 - Getting to know Plants

Let's understand more about Plants!

Plants are necessary for the survival of every living being on the planet and the chapter 7, Getting to know plants, will help you understand why this is true. You will learn about plants with the help of various concepts, NCERT questions and extra questions prepared by the experts at Teachoo.

Plants are categorised into 3 categories on the basis of their height, nature of stems and branches and these 3 categories are -

  • Herbs
  • Shrubs
  • Trees

You will then learn about each of these 3 categories and all the parts of a plant such as leaves, stems and branches in detail.

Each plant is very unique in its nature and bears either fruits, flowers or leaves.

You will also learn about each of these parts in detail and how they make a plant unique.

Then you will look at how these plants get their nutrition from the natural resources available around them. This will help you understand that even plants are living organisms in a way that their life processes such as respiration, ingestion and digestion take place regularly.

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