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Class 6
Chapter 7 Class 6 - Getting to know Plants

Question 1

The substance which gives green color to the leaves is known as -----------





Question 2

Name the gas:

  1. Used in photosynthesis
  2. Produced in photosynthesis



  1. Carbon dioxide   CO 2
  2. Oxygen   O 2


Question 3

____ is the powdery substance present in the anther of stamen.



Pollen grains


Question 4

Which substance is used to remove chlorophyll from the leaves during photosynthesis experiment?

Answe r:

Alcohol is used to remove chlorophyll from the leaves.


Question 5

Name the material which goes up in the stem and the one which comes down.



Minerals and water go up in the stem and Food that comes down.


Question 6 

What are the main functions of Leaf?



  1. Leaves make food for the plant (photosynthesis).
  2. Leaves release water in the air (Transpiration) .

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