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Chapter 8 Class 6 - Body Movements

Let's look at Body Movements, Chapter 8 Class 6 of the NCERT Book. 


The chapter 8, Body movements is one of the most important chapters from the perspective of class 6. We, at Teachoo, will provide you with all the necessary sources such as concepts, NCERT questions along with extra questions made by our experts which will help you in clarifying all the doubts easily.

Firstly, you will look at various kinds of movements possible from each of your body parts such as eyes, neck, legs, hands etc. All of these parts move in their own unique manner and are responsible for totally different actions.

After this, you will learn about what makes these movements possible. The human body is made up of bones and these bones have joints in them which makes all of these movements possible.

There are various kinds of joints that you are going to know about and they are -

  • Hinge Joints
  • Ball and Socket Joints
  • Pivotal joints
  • Fixed Joints

Along with these joints, you will further learn about the human skeleton as a whole and all the parts of it such as bones, cartilages, muscles etc.

Furthermore, you will also learn about the skeletons of various animals and how those animals move. The animals that you are going to study about in this chapter are -

  • Earthworms
  • Snails
  • Fishes
  • Birds
  • Cockroaches



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