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Movement is the change in the motion of a body with respect to the whole body by using their body parts.

Human being show two types of body movements:

  1.   Movement of the body parts (like mouth, head, backbone, arms, hands, legs, and foot etc.
  2. Movement of the whole body from one place to another (it is called locomotion )


What are the different types of movement?

  • Animals including humans have the capability to move from one place to another.
  • Animal can walk, run, jump, creep, crawl, slither and swim.
  • Most of these movements are in search of food, shelter etc.
  • Human being  also show other movements like moving hands, legs and chest 


In order to understand how the movement of our body parts takes place, we should first study the bones present in our body (which forms a skeleton), the various types of joints which exist between the bones, and the muscles which make the bones move at joints. 

Let us first understand Muscles:

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