The bony framework inside our body is called skeleton. 

  • Bones of Skeleton provides a framework which holds our body together.
  • Human Skeleton is made mostly of bones with some cartilage in certain parts.
  • Cartilage is softer than bones.
  • There are 206 bones in the human skeleton.
  • Skeleton has movable joints between various bones which allow the muscle to move head, shoulder etc.


What does Skeleton consist of

The skeleton consists of : 

  1. Skull
  2. Backbone
  3. Ribs
  4. Breastbone, Shoulder bones, Hip bone, Arm bones and leg bones.


Let’s look at the detailed description of each

  • Human Skeleton has Skull at its top end.
  • Skull has eye sockets, an upper jaw, and a lower jaw in it.
  • Ribs are attached to the upper part of backbone forming a rib cage.
  • There is a breastbone (called sternum) in front of rib cage.
  • Below neck, there are shoulder bones :
    • Collar bone 
    • Shoulder blade
  • Upper arm is from shoulder to elbow. It consist of single bone - Humerus.
  • Lower arm is from elbow to wrist. It is made up of two bones : radius & ulna.
  • Lower limbs of the body are called legs.
  • Each leg consists of three parts : upper leg, lower leg & foot.
  • Upper leg consists of single bone called Femur (thigh bones).
  • Lower leg is from knee to ankle. It consists of two bones : tibia and fibula.
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