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Chapter 4 Class 7 - Heat

In chapter 4 of class 7, you are going to understand the concept of ‘Heat’. Teachoo is your one stop solution for everything science starting from concepts, NCERT questions along with extra questions prepared by experts which will help you understand the chapter easily.

You will start by learning about what heat is and how it is measured.  You will get to know that heat is measured using a device known as ‘thermometer’ and there are various types of it such as -

  • Laboratory Thermometer - Used in labs
  • Clinical Thermometer - Used by doctors to measure human temperature

After this, you will learn about the phenomenon of ‘transfer of heat’. This will teach you how heat is transferred from one surface to another. 

For Example - When you put a pan on a gas flame, the pan becomes hot.

You will also learn about the processes through which heat can be transferred.

These processes are -

  • Conduction
  • Convection
  • Radiation

At last, you will relate this chapter with chapter 3 of class 7 and get to know about the clothing materials which keep us warm or cool.


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