Class 7
Chapter 4 Class 7 - Heat

What is Heat?

Heat is a form of Energy that makes a substance hotter.

  • Heat can be felt by touch . But, touch is a much less reliable method to check for and measure heat.
  • Heat is generally measured in terms of temperature , which can be reliably measured by a device called thermometer .
  • It can be obtained from several sources such as the sun , hot objects , fire etc.


What is Temperature?

Temperature of an object is the degree of hotness (or coldness) of an object.

For Example -

  • The temperature of boiling water is 100 degree celsius ( 100°C ) so, the boiling water feels very hot to touch. 
  • On the other hand, the temperature of melting ice is 0 degrees celsius ( 0°C ) which is quite low. So, the ice feels very cold to touch.

The temperature of an object is measured using a thermometer.

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