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Class 7
Chapter 4 Class 7 - Heat

Clinical thermometers are made to measure the temperature of the human body .

The normal temperature of the human body is 37°C. When a person gets fever or hypothermia , their temperature moves beyond the normal range ( 35°C - 37°C ).

Clinical thermometers can be used to measure temperatures between 35°C - 42°C.


Precautions while using a clinical thermometer .

We need to observe several precautions while using a clinical thermometer .

  1. The thermometer should be washed before and after use by an antiseptic solution
  2. Mercury level should be below 35° before use.
  3. Read the thermometer keeping the level of mercury along the line of sight .
  4. Don't hold the thermometer by the bulb while reading it.
  5. Handle with care . If it hits against some hard object, it can break.


Digital Thermometer

  • Mercury is a toxic substance , that is, it is harmful to humans.
  • Digital thermometers do not use mercury, which makes it safer for manufacture and use.

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