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Chapter 3 Class 7 - Fibre to Fabric

In Class 7 - Fiber to Fabric, we talk about mainly Animal fibers - Wool and Silk.


The chapter, From Fibre to Fabric is one of the most important chapters from the perspective of class 6,class 7 and class 8 as you are going to have this chapter in every class. We, at Teachoo, will provide you with all the necessary sources such as concepts, NCERT questions along with extra questions made by our experts which will help you in clarifying all the concepts easily.

In class 7, we are going to learn about the sources from which various clothing materials are obtained. 

There are 2 basic sources from which we obtain these materials and that are -

  • Plants - Materials such as cotton and jute are obtained from plants.
  • Animals - Material such as wool is obtained from animals (sheeps).

There is also a 3rd category, that is the man made fibres such as nylon and polyester, which are made in labs and are also known as synthetic fibres.

The main focus of this chapter will be on the detailed step by step process of converting the animal fibres to fabric.

In class 7, you will focus upon the fibres obtained from animals such as sheeps.

The 2 most common fibres obtained from animals are -

  • Wool - from sheep, yaks ets
  • Silk - from silkworms 

You will learn about the process of procuring these fibres and turning them into fabrics in detail.


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