Example 37 Manufacturer can sell š‘„ items at a price of rupees (5āˆ’š‘„/100) each. The cost price of š‘„ items is Rs (š‘„/5+500) Find the number of items he should sell to earn maximum profit.Let S(š’™) be the Selling Price of š‘„ items. & C(š’™) be the cost Price of š‘„ item. Given Manufacture sell š‘„ items at a price of rupees (5āˆ’š‘„/100) each S(š’™) = š‘„ Ɨ (5āˆ’š‘„/100) = 5š’™ ā€“ š’™šŸ/šŸšŸŽšŸŽ Also given Cost of x items is Rs. (š‘„/5+500) C(š‘„) = š‘„/5 + 500 We need to maximize profit Let P(š‘„) be the profit Profit = Selling price ā€“ cost price P(š‘„) = S(š‘„) ā€“ C(š‘„) P(š‘„) = (5š‘„āˆ’š‘„2/100)āˆ’(š‘„/5+500) = 5š‘„ ā€“ š‘„2/100āˆ’ š‘„/5 ā€“ 500 = (25š‘„ āˆ’ š‘„)/5 ā€“ š‘„2/100 ā€“500 = 24š‘„/5āˆ’š‘„2/100 "ā€“ 500" Hence, P(š‘„) = 24š‘„/5āˆ’š‘„2/100āˆ’500 Diff w.r.t x Pā€™(š‘„) = š‘‘(24/5 š‘„ āˆ’ š‘„^2/100 āˆ’ 500)/š‘‘š‘„ Pā€™(š‘„) = 24/5āˆ’2š‘„/100āˆ’0 Pā€™(š‘„) = 24/5āˆ’š‘„/50 Putting Pā€™(š‘„) = 0 24/5āˆ’š‘„/50 = 0 Putting Pā€™(š’™) = 0 24/5āˆ’š‘„/50 = 0 (āˆ’š‘„)/50=(āˆ’24)/5 š‘„ = (āˆ’24)/5 Ɨ āˆ’50 š‘„ = 240 Finding Pā€™ā€™(š’™) Pā€™(š‘„) = 24/5 ā€“ š‘„/50 Diff w.r.t š‘„ Pā€™ā€™(š‘„) = š‘‘(24/5 āˆ’ š‘„/50)/š‘‘š‘„ = 0 ā€“ 1/50 = (āˆ’1)/50 < 0 Since Pā€™ā€™(š’™) < 0 at š‘„ = 240 āˆ“ š‘„ = 240 is point of maxima Thus, P(š‘„) is maximum when š’™ = 240 Hence the manufacturer can earn maximum profit if he sells 240 items.

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