Example 22 Find two positive numbers whose sum is 15 and the sum of whose squares is minimum. Let first number be š’™ Since Sum of two positive numbers is 15 š‘„+ 2nd number = 15 2nd number = 15 ā€“ š’™ Let S(š‘„) be the sum of the squares of the numbers S(š‘„)= (1st number)2 + (2nd number) 2 S(š’™)=š’™^šŸ+(šŸšŸ“āˆ’š’™)^šŸ We need to minimize S(š’™) Finding Sā€™(š’™) Sā€™(š‘„)=š‘‘(š‘„^2+ (15 āˆ’ š‘„)^2 )/š‘‘š‘„ =š‘‘(š‘„^2 )/š‘‘š‘„+(š‘‘(15 āˆ’ š‘„)^2)/š‘‘š‘„ = 2š‘„+ 2(15āˆ’š‘„)(āˆ’1) = 2š‘„āˆ’ 2(15āˆ’š‘„) = 2š‘„āˆ’30+2š‘„ = 4š’™āˆ’šŸ‘šŸŽ Putting Sā€™(š’™)=šŸŽ 4š‘„āˆ’30=0 4š‘„=30 š‘„=30/4 š’™=šŸšŸ“/šŸ Finding Sā€™ā€™(š’™) Sā€™ā€™(š‘„)=š‘‘(4š‘„ āˆ’ 30)/š‘‘š‘„ = 4 Since Sā€™ā€™(š’™)>šŸŽ at š‘„=15/2 āˆ“ š‘„=15/2 is local minima Thus, S(š‘„) is Minimum at š‘„=15/2 Hence, 1st number = š‘„=šŸšŸ“/šŸ 2nd number = 15āˆ’š‘„=15āˆ’15/2=šŸšŸ“/šŸ

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