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Chapter 7 Class 12 Integrals

Get NCERT Solutions of Class 12 Integration, Chapter 7 of the NCERT book. Solutions of all questions, examples and supplementary questions explained here. Download formulas and practice questions as well.


Topics include

  • Integration as anti-derivative - Basic definition of integration. Using derivative rules, finding integration
  • Integration using Trigonometry Formulas - where we use trigonometry formulas like cos 2x, sin2 x, sin 3x, Inverse formulas and make the function easier to integrate
  • Integration by substitution - Where we substitute functions as some other functions and integrate using the formulas we know - xn, lnx, ex to find the integration
  • Integration by parts - We do integration by using by parts formula
  • By parts integration of ex - We use integration formula of ex (f(x) + f'(x)) to solve questions
  • Integration by partial fractions - We use partial fractions to solve the integration. Like in this question.
  • Integration by special formulas - We use special formulas mentioned in our Integral Table to solve questions
  • Integration as limit as a sum - We use basic definition of integration , Integration = Area to form limit as a sum formula and then solve its questions
  • Definite Integration - Solving definite integration using methods of indefinite integration, and using properties of definite integration


To check all formulas of Integrals used in this chapter, check Integration Formulas

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