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Example 31 (Supplementary NCERT) - Prove [a b c+d] = [a b c] + [a b d]

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Example 31 (Supplementary NCERT) Prove that [π‘Ž βƒ—, 𝑏 βƒ—, 𝑐 βƒ—+𝑑 βƒ— ] = [π‘Ž βƒ—, 𝑏 βƒ—, 𝑐 βƒ— ] + [π‘Ž βƒ—, 𝑏 βƒ—, 𝑑 βƒ— ]Solving LHS [π‘Ž βƒ—, 𝑏 βƒ—, 𝑐 βƒ—+𝑑 βƒ— ] = π‘Ž βƒ— . ["(" 𝑏 βƒ—") " Γ— "(" 𝑐 βƒ—+𝑑 βƒ—)] = π‘Ž βƒ— .["(" 𝒃 βƒ— Γ— 𝒄 βƒ—") + (" 𝒃 βƒ— Γ— 𝒅 βƒ—) ] = π‘Ž βƒ— .["(" 𝑏 βƒ— Γ— 𝑐 βƒ—")" ] + π‘Ž βƒ— .["(" 𝑏 βƒ— Γ— 𝑑 βƒ—)] = [π‘Ž βƒ—", " 𝑏 βƒ—", " 𝑐 βƒ— ] + [𝒂 βƒ—", " 𝒃 βƒ—", " 𝒅 βƒ— ] = RHS Hence proved

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