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Chapter 10 Class 12 Vector Algebra

Learn Chapter 10 Class 12 Vector Algebra free with solutions of all NCERT Questions, Examples as well as Supplementary Questions from NCERT.


Suppose we have to go 10km from Point A to Point B.

This 10km is the distance travelled.

It is only value - 10, nothing else.

This is a scalar quantity.


Now, suppose we say, 

We go 10 km East from Point A to Point B.

So, we have travelled 10 km East

It has value - 10, and direction - East.

So, this is a vector quantity.


In this chapter, we will talk about vectors. The topics include

  • Basics - Difference between scalars and vectors, with example
  • Graphical Displacement - Where we represent Displacement like 40 km, 30° East of North, in the Graph.
  • We also discuss what is a position vector, and different types of vectors
  • Then we learn what happens when a scalar is multiplied to a vector
  • We learn what are Equal Vectors and Unit Vectors, and do some questions on them
  • Finding Direction Ratios and Direction Cosines
  • Then, adding two vectors
  • Finding vector joining two points
  • Section formula in vectors
  • Checking if 3 points make a right angled triangle
  • Checking if 2 vectors are collinear
  • Checking if 3 points (or vectors) are collinear
  • Then, Scalar Product of Vectors and its properties
  • Finding projection using scalar product
  • Vector product of vectors, and its properties
  • Finding area using vector product (Area of parallelogram = Vector Product)


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