Analyze the significance of coal as a major fossil fuel in India. Describe the different types of coal and their geographical distribution in the country. 


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  • Coal is a conventional source of energy that holds significant importance as a major fossil fuel in India , serving as a vital energy resource for various sectors. India heavily relies on coal to meet its commercial energy requirements.


  • The different types of coal found in India include peat, lignite, bituminous coal, metallurgical coal, and anthracite.
    • Peat is the initial stage of coal formation and has low carbon content, high moisture content, and low heating capacity. 
    • Lignite is a low-grade brown coal with high moisture content, found in Neyveli in Tamil Nadu, primarily used for electricity generation.
    •  Bituminous coal, the most commonly used coal in commercial applications, is formed when coal is buried deep and subjected to increased temperatures.
    • Metallurgical coal, a high-grade bituminous coal, is valuable for smelting iron in blast furnaces. Anthracite, the highest quality hard coal, is also found in India.
  • Coal deposits in India are found in rock series of two main geological ages: Gondwana and Tertiary.
    •  The major reserves of Gondwana coal , including metallurgical coal, are located in the Damodar Valley in West Bengal and Jharkhand.
    • Tertiary coals occur in the northeastern states of Meghalaya, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland


  • Coal is a bulky material , and its weight reduces as it is consumed and turns into ash. Therefore, heavy industries and thermal power stations are often situated near coalfields to minimize transportation costs. 

  • The presence of coalfields has facilitated the establishment of industries such as iron and steel, cement, fertilizers, chemicals, and thermal power generation. The availability of coal has played a crucial role in the country's industrialization and energy generation.
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