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Which of the following is NOT an organ of government that shares power in a democracy?

  1.  Legislature

  2.  Executive

  3.  Judiciary

  4. Military


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So, the correct answer is option (D): Military


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* In a democracy, all the power doesn't rest with any one organ of the government. Legislature, Executive, and Judiciary - are considered the three organs of government that share power in a democracy.

  • (A) legislature is responsible for making laws , and it is typically composed of elected representatives from the citizen of the country. 

  • (B) Executive is responsible for enforcing laws , and it is typically composed of the President or Prime Minister and their appointed cabinet members. 
  • (C) Judiciary is responsible for interpreting laws and resolving disputes , and it is typically composed of judges and courts.
  • (D) Military is an organization responsible for national defense and security, and it is typically under the control of the Executive branch

Thus, the correct answer is option (D): Military

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