CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper Science Solution - For 2023 Boards

The above images are that of a specialized slide projector. Slides are small transparencies mounted in sturdy frames ideally suited to magnification and projection, since they have a very high resolution and a high image quality. There is a tray where the slides are to be put into a particular orientation so that the viewers can see the enlarged erect images of the transparent slides. This means that the slides will have to be inserted upside down in the projector tray. To show her students the images of insects that she investigated in the lab, Mrs. Iyer brought a slide projector. Her slide projector produced a 500 times enlarged and inverted image of a slide on a screen 10 m away.

Question 39 -  The above images are that - teachoo.jpg

(a) Based on the text and data given in the above paragraph, what kind of lens must the slide projector have?



The lens forms a real image on a screen.

Therefore, the given lens is a Convex Lens . 

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