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CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper Science Solution - For 2023 Boards

Class 10
Solutions to CBSE Sample Paper - Science Class 10

These consist of two statements – Assertion (A) and Reason (R). Answer these questions selecting the appropriate option given below:


  1. Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A
  2. Both A and R are true and R is not the correct explanation of A
  3. A is true but R is false
  4. A is False but R is true

Question 17

Assertion: Silver bromide decomposition is used in black and white photography.

Reason: Light provides energy for this exothermic reaction.



  • Silver Bromide is used in Black and White photography as it undergoes a decomposition reaction when exposed to light to give silver and bromine. 
  • This reaction is known as photolysis reaction.
  • It is not an exothermic reaction

Decomposition reaction - Teachoo.jpg

Therefore, the correct answer is (c) A is true but R is false.

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