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CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper Science Solution - For 2023 Boards

Class 10
Solutions to CBSE Sample Paper - Science Class 10

Observe the three figures given below. Which of the following depicts tropic movements appropriately?

Question 11 - Observe the three figures - teachoo.jpg

  1. B and C
  2. A and C
  3. B only
  4. C only



Tropic Movements are a plant's response to a stimulus in the form of growth

This movement can be either towards or away from the stimulus. 

For example- 

  • The plant's stem and flower grow towards the su n, where sun/sunlight are the stimulus.
  • Similarly, the roots of a plant grow towards the Earth, water
  • Some plants shy away from touch (touch-me-not).


Here, only in figure C can we see the correct response to stimuli in the plant: 

  • Shoot growing towards sun 
  • Roots growing towards Earth/Water.  

The correct answer is (d) C only

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