Hydrogenation of oils:


  • Hydrogenation  is the reaction which involves the addition of one or more hydrogen atoms to double/triple bonds .
  • The vegetable oils are unsaturated compounds containing double bonds .They are in liquid state at room temperature. They undergo an additional reaction in the presence of Ni catalyst to form saturated compounds like vegetable ghee.
  • Vegetable ghee is a saturated compound. They are solid or semi solid at room temperature.

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  • Vegetable oils contain unsaturated fatty acids are good for health therefore we should use vegetable oil in cooking.Some of the cooking oils available in market are saffola,fortune etc.
  • Vegetable oils containin g saturated fatty acids are harmful for health. For example Dalda, Rath etc.
  • Animal fats like butter and desi ghee are also saturated fatty acids which are said to be harmful for health.


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