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Hydrocarbons - Saturated and Unsaturated


What are Hydrocarbons?

A compound made up of Hydrogen and Carbon only is called Hydrocarbon.

Hydrogen + Carbon =  Hydrocarbon

Examples of Hydrocarbons:





CH 4


C 2 H 6


C 2 H 4


C 2 H 2


Different Types of Hydrocarbons:

They are of 2 Types:


1. Saturated hydrocarbons (Alkanes):

  • Those hydrocarbons in which carbon atoms are connected by only single bonds are called Saturated Hydrocarbons.
  • They are also called alkanes.

Example: Methane, Ethane, Propane etc.


2. Unsaturated Hydrocarbons(Alkenes/Alkynes):

Those hydrocarbons in which carbon atoms are connected by double or triple bonds are called unsaturated hydrocarbons.

  • Compounds having doubly bonded carbon atoms are called Alkenes .
    Example: Ethene, Propene
  • Compounds having triple bonds between 2 carbon atoms are called Alkynes.
    Example: Ethyne, Propylene

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