Functional Groups:

  • It is a group of atoms in a compound which determines chemical properties of a compound.
  • A Saturated hydrocarbon (alkane) is generally very unreactive
  • But if we introduce some other atom or group of atoms, we get new compounds which are reactive. These groups of atoms are called functional groups.

Double or Triple bonds are examples of functional groups. 

  • Methene , Ethene and Butene all have the same functional group - A double bond .
  • Hence all these have the same chemical properties.
  • The presence of a functional group such as alkenes decides the properties of the carbon compound, regardless of the length of the carbon chain.


There are several other examples of  functional groups such as halogens , alcohols , aldehydes , ketones and carboxylic acids .


We have already studied about alkene and alkynes

Let's study about the others one by one:

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