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Ex 9.5, 2 - Chapter 9 Class 8 Algebraic Expressions and Identities - Part 3

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Ex 9.5, 2 Use the identity (π‘₯+π‘Ž)(π‘₯+𝑏)=π‘₯^2+(π‘Ž+𝑏)π‘₯+π‘Žπ‘ to find the following products. (iii) (4π‘₯βˆ’5)(4π‘₯βˆ’1) (4π‘₯βˆ’5)(4π‘₯βˆ’1) = [4π‘₯+(βˆ’5)][4π‘₯+(βˆ’1)] (𝑦+π‘Ž)(𝑦+𝑏)=𝑦^2+(π‘Ž+𝑏)𝑦+π‘Žπ‘ Putting 𝑦 = 4π‘₯ , π‘Ž = βˆ’5 & 𝑏 = βˆ’1 = (4π‘₯)^2+(βˆ’5βˆ’1)(4π‘₯)+(βˆ’5)(βˆ’1) = (4^2Γ—π‘₯^2 )+(βˆ’6)(4π‘₯)+5 = πŸπŸ”π’™^πŸβˆ’πŸπŸ’π’™+πŸ“

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