Does the rate of growth of the plant increase or decrease in the first three days? What will be the height of the plant after 2 days?

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Given y = 4š‘„āˆ’1/2 š‘„^2 Let Rate of growth be represented by g(x) = š‘‘š‘¦/š‘‘š‘„ To find increase or decrease , we will calculate gā€™(x) g(x) = š‘‘š‘¦/š‘‘š‘„ = 4 āˆ’ x gā€™(x) = š‘‘/š‘‘š‘„ (š‘‘š‘¦/š‘‘š‘„) = (š‘‘(4 āˆ’ š‘„))/š‘‘š‘„ = āˆ’1 < 0 Since gā€™(x) < 0 Thus, g(x) is decreasing So, the growth of the plant decreases for the first three days. Finding Height of plant after 2 days Putting x = 2 in value of y y = 4š‘„āˆ’1/2 š‘„^2 y = 4(2)āˆ’1/2 Ɨ 2^2 y = 8 āˆ’ 2 y = 6 cm

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