Read the following passage and answer the questions given below:
A , B , C went for playing a tug of war game. Teams A , B , C have attached a rope to a metal ring and is trying to pull the ring into their own area.
A pulls with force F _ 1= 6i  ˆ +0j  ˆ kN
B pulls with force F _ 2=-4i  ˆ +4j  ˆ kN ,
C pulls with force F _ 3=-3i  ˆ -3j  ˆ kN

(i)   What is the magnitude of the force of Team A ?



Force of Team A = 𝒂 ⃗=6𝑖 ˆ+0𝑗 ˆ𝑘𝑁 = 𝟔𝒊 ˆ+𝟎𝒋 ˆ Magnitude of force of team A = |𝑭_𝟏 | = √((6)^2+(0)^2 ) = √36 = 6 𝒌𝑵

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