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Integrate e^2x (Finding Anti-Derivative) - Class 12 Integration


Ex 7.1, 3 Find anti derivative of 𝑒2𝑥 We know that (𝑒^2𝑥 )^′=〖2𝑒〗^2𝑥 (𝑒^2𝑥 )^′/2 =𝑒^2𝑥 𝑒^2𝑥=1/2 (𝑒^2𝑥 )^′ 𝑒^2𝑥=(1/2 𝑒^2𝑥 )^′ ∴ Anti derivate of 𝑒^2𝑥= 𝟏/𝟐 𝒆^𝟐𝒙

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