Female Reproductive System

The female reproductive system consists of the following parts:



1. Ovaries

  • Ovaries are the primary reproductive organs in females.
  • These are located in the abdominal cavity of females near the kidneys and are oval in shape.
  • Every female has 2 ovaries .
  • The ovaries produce mature female gametes called ova or eggs .
  • The also produce the female sex hormones estrogen and progesterone .
  • The ovary has thousands of immature eggs called follicles which mature at the time of puberty.

2. Oviducts

  • These are present just above the ovaries.
  • It is also known as the fallopian tube .
  • Fertilization (i.e. fusion of male and female gametes) takes place in the oviduct.

3. Uterus

  • It is an elastic bag-like organ to which both the oviducts attach.
  • Uterus is the organ where growth and development of the fertilized egg takes place.

4. Cervix

  • It is a narrow opening which connects the uterus to vagina .

5. Vagina

  • Vagina is a tubular structure which receives the sperms from the penis.
  • It is also known as ‘birth canal’ because the baby comes out of this passage after completing its development in the uterus.

Note: Unlike males, the females have different openings for passage of urine (urethra) and of vagina .

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