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Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

Flower is the main reproductive organ of all the angiosperms . Angiosperms are flower bearing plants in which the seed is enclosed inside a fruit.

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  •  A flower has various different parts which include petals, sepals, stamens and pistils
  • Out of this, pistils and stamens are the main reproductive parts and contain germ cells or the sex cells. 
  • The pistil has the female gamete and the stamen has male gamete.

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A plant may be:

1. Unisexual: 

  • Having either pistil or stamen
  • Only one of the gametes is present (ether male or female)
  • Eg. Papaya, Watermelon


2. Bisexual:

  • Having both pistil and stamen
  • Male and female gametes are present in the same flower
  • Eg. Hibiscus, Mustard

Stamen: The Male Reproductive Organ of Flower

The stamen consists of two parts:

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  • Anther of the stamen is responsible for producing and storing pollen grains
  • The pollen grains appear as a  yellowish powder .
  • The pollen grains contain male gametes of the plant.  


It is a long tubular stalk which is attached to the anther.

Pistil: The Female Reproductive Organ of Flower

Pistil is also known as carpel and it consists of the following 3 parts:

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This is the uppermost part of the carpel which receives the pollen grains from anther. Stigma has a sticky surface so that the pollen grains can attach to it.


Style is the tubular middle portion of the carpel which is responsible for transferring the male gametes of pollen grains to the ovary.


It is a swollen structure present below style. Ovules which have the female gametes are produced and stored inside the ovary. The ovary contains many ovules. 

Note: There is a single female gamete present inside each ovule . The fertilization of male and female gametes takes place inside the ovule.

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