Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

Flower is the main reproductive organ of all the angiosperms . Angiosperms are flower bearing plants in which the seed is enclosed inside a fruit.

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  • A flower has various different parts which include petals, sepals, stamens and pistils
  • Out of this, pistils and stamens are the main reproductive parts and contain germ cells or the sex cells. 
  • The pistil has the female gamete and the stamen has male gamete.

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A plant may be:

1. Unisexual: 

  • Having either pistil or stamen
  • Only one of the gametes is present (ether male or female)
  • Eg. Papaya, Watermelon


2. Bisexual:

  • Having both pistil and stamen
  • Male and female gametes are present in the same flower
  • Eg. Hibiscus, Mustard


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