Asexual Reproduction


  • It is a type of reproduction in which only a single individual produces an offspring without the involvement of male and female sex cells
  • This is mostly seen in unicellular organisms but some multicellular organisms including plants also show asexual reproduction. Example - Bryophyllum which reproduces by vegetative propagation.

The various types of asexual reproduction are:

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BINARY FISSION IN AMOEBA Parent Cell Nucleus Divides Cytoplasm Divides Two Daughter Cells FRAGMENTATION IN SPIROGYRA Nucleus Septa Spiral Chloroplast BUDDING IN YEAST Parent Yeast Cell Nucleus Forming of bud Bud with nucleus Cytoplasm Divides Daughter Yeast Chain of yeast cells formed Parent Yeast REDUCTION DIVISION Daughter Nuclei Daughter Nuclei II Interphase Homologous Chromosomes Meiosis I Meiosis II MULTIPLE FISSION Schizont Daughter Nuclei Rupturing schizont wall Merozoites SPORE FORMATION IN RHIZOPUS Sporangium Spores Hypha VEGETATIVE PROPAGATION IN BRYOPHYLLUM Buds LAYERING Parental Plant New Plant Roots GRAFTING Scion Stock Graft union Wrapped & Waxed

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