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First, let us see what a Magnet is


What is a Magnet

It is an object which attracts other objects like iron, steel etc


  • If we bring a piece of iron near a magnet, it gets attracted towards the magnet
  • If we brings 2 magnets together, they also attract each other


What is a bar magnet?

A bar magnet is a rectangular magnet

It is a permanent magnet 

It has two poles - North Pole and South Pole



Properties of Bar Magnet

Since bar magnet is a permanent magnet, it will have the same properties as that of permanent magnet

It's properties are

  • It has two poles - North Pole and South Pole
  • It attracts iron and steel particles
  • Like poles repel each other, unlike poles attract each other
  • When freely suspended, north pole of magnet points towards north pole of the earth
  • They are permanent magnets - they do not lose their magnetism
  • Magnetic field is maximum at the poles, and minimum as we go towards the center


Magnetic Field Lines in a Bar Magnet

If we sprinkle iron filings on the bar magnet, they would arrange in this form


This arrangement of iron filings is actually magnetic field lines

Which we we will study in the next post - Magnetic Field Lines 


Uses of a Bar Magnet

Since bar magnet is a permanent magnet, it will have the same uses as that of permanent magnet

It's uses are

  • Magnets are used in Compass
  • Bar magnets are used in Fridge Magnets.
  • They are used to scan the body, like in MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)


Alnico and Neodymium Bar Magnet


Actually, Bar Magnet is usually of two types

  • Alnico Bar Magnet -  Made up of aluminium, nickel, cobalt, and iron
  • Neodymium Bar Magnet -  Made up of neodymium, boron, and iron



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