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If we are given direction of current,

How do we find Direction of Magnetic Field?


We find  Direction of Magnetic Field using Maxwell's Right-hand Thumb Rule


Suppose we hold an electric wire with our right hand as show below

Assuming current flows in direction of thumb (from bottom to top)

Direction of Magnetic field will be in Direction in which our finger curl (from from Left to Right Direction)



when current flows from bottom to top, magnetic field is anticlockwise 


There's another method which we can use - Maxwell's Corkscrew Rule

Maxwell Corkscrew rule


What is a Corkscrew?

A corkscrew is a device which is used to pull cork from bottle

It contains a spiral metal rod and a handle


To find magnetic field using corkscrew rule - 

When we turn a corkscrew clockwise (from right to left), it goes inside the cork

So, if magnetic field is clockwise, direction of current is inside

maxwells-corkscrew-rule---teachoo (1).png

Comparing Right hand Thumb Rule and Corkscrew Rule

Right Hand thumb rule Corkscrew rule
Suppose we are holding a straight current carrying wire in our right hand.
Point the thumb in the direction in which the current is flowing
The direction in which our fingers curl is the direction of the magnetic field.
Suppose we have a corkscrew.
Point the pointed tip of the corkscrew in the direction in which the current is flowing.
The direction in which the screw rotates (clockwise) is the direction of the magnetic field.



Flow of Current Magnetic Field Direction
Bottom to Top Clockwise (Left to Right)
Top to Bottom Anticlockwise (Right to Left)



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