1. Chapter 10 Class 12 Vector Algebra
  2. Serial order wise


Misc 5 Find the value of x for which x(𝑖 Μ‚ + 𝑗 Μ‚ + π‘˜ Μ‚) is a unit vector. Let π‘Ž βƒ— = x(𝑖 Μ‚ + 𝑗 Μ‚ + π‘˜ Μ‚) So, π‘Ž βƒ— = π‘₯𝑖 Μ‚ + π‘₯𝑗 Μ‚ + π‘₯π‘˜ Μ‚ Given, π‘Ž βƒ— is a unit vector Magnitude of π‘Ž βƒ— is 1. So, |π‘Ž βƒ— | = 1 Magnitude of π‘Ž βƒ— = √(π‘₯2+π‘₯2+π‘₯2) |π‘Ž βƒ— | = √3π‘₯2 = ±√3 π‘₯ Now, |π‘Ž βƒ— | = 1 ±√3 π‘₯ = 1 𝒙 = ±𝟏/βˆšπŸ‘ Note: We take Β± because x can have both positive and negative value

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