'Determining an ideal industrial location is a challenging undertaking.'

Examine the above statement and elucidate.



Answer to be written in exam

The location of industries depends on a number of physical and socio-economic factors.

  1. Industrial locations are complex in nature as they are influenced by the availability of raw materials, labor, capital, power, market , etc. For instance, Steel centers are developed where coal and iron are easily available . Similarly, Jute mills in West Bengal and the cotton textile mills in Maharashtra are located due to the availability of raw materials. 

  2. Manufacturing industries tend to locate at the most appropriate place where all the factors of industrial location are either available or can be arranged at a lower cost , which is the key determining factor. 

  3. Industrialization and urbanization go hand in hand . The industry provides employment to the people of the area and cities provide markets as well as services like banking, insurance, transport, labor, consultants, etc. to the industry.

  4. In the pre-Independence period, most manufacturing units were located near seaports from the point of view of overseas trade such as Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, etc.
  5. Government policies and specialized labor also influence the location of industries. Government policies allowed industries to access advanced technologies and provide employment opportunities to compete with foreign markets.
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