The Nicobar pigeon is a bird found only on small islands and coastal regions from the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, and further east - through the Malay Archipelago to the Solomon and Palau region. (Source - Wikipedia)

Accordingly, which of the following kind of species would it fall under?

A. rare species

B. extinct species

C. endemic species

D. vulnerable species



So, the correct answer is (C): endemic species 


Let’s check all the options 

  • (A) rare species - Species that are very uncommon, few in number. The species can be rare and not necessarily be endangered or threatened but are at risk. For instance: Himalayan Brown bear, wild asiatic buffalo.
    Thus, this option is incorrect.

  • (B) extinct species - Species that are no longer exist in the planet. For instance: Dinosaurs and Dodo etc.
    Thus, this option is incorrect.

  • (C) endemic species - Species that are found in a particular region of the planet is known as endemic species. For instance: Nicobar pigeon is found only in Andaman & Nicobar Islands,  east - through the Malay Archipelago to the Solomon and Palau region.
    Thus, this option is correct.

  • (D) vulnerable species -  Species is consisdered as vulnerable if its population has declined at least 50% and the cause of the decline is known and likely to become endangered. For instance: Black spider monkey and Giant Panda etc.
    Thus, this option is incorrect.

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